A photo album should be used in accordance with its function that is to protect our photos. Many people realize the importance of the photo album for their photo

s, but not so many who really know what to consider in choosing an appropriate photo album.

Here are 3 important things you should consider in choosing a photo album:

FIRST. Of course, it must be in accordance with the main objective that is able to protect photos from damage. One of the most important things in a photo album is the sheet material used, the sheets must be acid free or abroad it is also called "museum quality paper". What is Acid? Acid: chemically, a material that will form hydrogen ions if it is mixed with water, which can destroy the fibers on paper so that the paper becomes yellow and the photograph color will turn to faded. Acid free paper is more expensive than ordinary paper, but I believe good quality is more important than selling a product that can not save your precious memories for more than 10 years, and your photo prints will not guaranteed to last long to be memories for your offspring, and their offspring.

Susan pro is one the album company which is very concerned about this. In Susan pro we only use acid free paper for the sheets material, because the sheets used are black sheets that do not go through the printing process as well as other albums which when torn it will show the original color of white paper. The sheets in Susan pro are import quality sheets made from blac

k base, which has been tested and officially certified by Sukofindo which states acid-free. Therefore it is no doubt in terms of photo album function to protect your photos. Acid free paper is believed to protect the photo until more than 50 years while normal paper is less than 15 years.

For professional photographer, the quality of the photo album used is certainly not able to compromise, because the one key of your success is the quality of the product you give to your client, if you give a good product without any complaint, then of course in the future there will be repeat order from the client, but the album is damaged in a short time, just because you are willing to save the cost by choosing an album with a poor quality, forget about the opportunity to get repeat orders.

Now the question is whether you see your business as a long-term business or just a few transactions and enough? I do not think so, we at Susan pro have the principle that giving the best quality album is the key of long term business success "for what for the sake of few rupiah and endanger the business opportunity in the future". Of course as a true professional you will agree it.

SECOND. The type of photo album should fit the needs of the various types of albums you can use for your photo shoots. But it is clear that first of all you have to decide what type of album you need to keep the photographs, the size, also the number of sheets you need. Various types of albums include Slip in album, Dry mounted album, Matted page album, Magnetic page album, Book bound album, Post bound album, Magazine album.

THIRD. The design of the photo album should fit your photos. There is currently a lot of choice of materials and colors for cover or album sheets, and if you still not fit with regular albums available in the market, you can create it easily and unnecessarily in quality many (min 2 dozen) according to your imagination and photo theme with custom album order.

In the following edition we will give you some examples of custom photo album products that can inspire you in choosing photo albums and there are still many things to be discussed about photo album to be a true professional, and know all aspects related to business photography and keep up your knowledge.